Special Catalogue Otto von Bismarck Now Online

The new catalogue for auctioneers Reiss & Sohn’s Special Auction “From the Estate of Otto von Bismarck”, which will take place May 16th, 2017, is already online.
This extraordinary collection includes splendid honorary certificates, executed and elaborately bound by foremost artists of the era, rare colour plate books from Italy and Russia, and early travel photography. Some highlights of this section include a photographic account of a hunting trip in the Rocky Mountains in 1893, a collection of photographs by the famous Abdullah Brothers, depicting Anatolia and the Marmara Region and dedicated to Bismarck by Sultan Abdul Hamid II, and the important account of the Erskine Expedition to New Guinea, illustrated with photographs by Augustine Dyer.

The catalogues for auction sales 183 and 184 will be online mid of April, 2017. They will include a spectacular illuminated manuscript on vellum from the late 15th century, containing Honoré Bovet’s “L’arbre des batailles” and other tracts, the first book edition of Martin Luther’s “Ninety-five Theses” of 1517, and the second edition of Vesalius’s “De humani corporis fabrica” of 1555.