1 Million for “Rudimentum Novitiorum”

The second part of the jubilee book auctions under the motto “1971-2021, 50 years of REISS & SOHN auctions” closed successfully on October 29th. The most expensive piece of the auction, the important universal chronicle “Rudimentum novitiorum”, from the year 1475 in an illuminated copy, reached a total of 1.000.000 € (all prices incl. buyer’s premium). The masterpiece of geometrical book illustration by Lorenz Stöer, his “Geometria et Perspectiva”, printed in Augsburg in 1567 went for 65.450,- € to a private collector. Thus only the 40 items in the special catalogue, of which 32 were sold, realised over 1.5 Mio €.

This important auction event was followed by the sale of 3000 lots in a 4 day sale marathon with numerous further hightlights. The results for the three editions of the Biblia graeca-latina by Erasmus of Rotterdam were a pleasant surprise.

The first edition of the New Testament in its original language “Novum instrumentum omne, diligenter ab Erasmo Roterodamo recognitum & emendatum” in a Basel printing from 1516 achieved 71.400 ,- € (estimate 12,000) after fierce bidding contest. The second edition of the work, also printed by Froben in Basel, in 1519, soon followed and tripled the estimate at 21.420,- €. The fourth edition sold for 2618,- €. A Latin manuscript on parchment of the bible resulted in 83.300 € . A two-volume coloured Biblia Germanica, printed in Augsburg on Jan. 27, 1518, brought 30.940 € far more than the expected 10,000 € estimate. The first edition of the famous “Traumdeutung“ by S. Freud, one of the most widely read and influential books of the 20th century, changed ownership for 15.470 €.
An extremely rare broadsheet with an engraved map of Cyprus by A. Lafreri, printed in Rome, 1570 was sold in an exciting bidding contest between telephone bidders and online live bidders for 47.600 €. Also worth mentioning is the result of 35,700 € for the work of P. Goos “De Zee-Atlas, ofte Water-Wereld”, a magnificent and early Dutch sea atlas with 40 maps from 1669. The first four volumes of the most famous of all city books “Civitates Orbis Terrarum” by G. Braun and F. Hogenberg (published ca. 1575-1600), with over 226 splendid old coloured views and plans of numerous major European cities, found a new home at 77.350,- €. Reiss & Sohn, specialized book auctioneers in Koenigstein im Taunus, is looking forward to receive consignment offers for the spring auctions 2022.