Second Auction Day again with Top Results

Königstein (Taunus), Germany, November 2023

The second auction day of the large autumn auctions was also concluded with great success. The highlight of catalogue 218, a collection of important atlases comprising about 100 lots, was called yesterday at noon and attracted international audiences to bid in the hall, on the telephone and live on the screens. Particularly noteworthy in this area were the sales of the 12-volume edition of J. Blaeu’s “Le grand atlas”. The magnificently coloured and gold-heighteneded copy with over 580 engraved maps and plates fetched a proud 202,300 euros (incl. buyer’s premium).

J. Blaeu. Le grand atlas, ou cosmographie Blaviane. 12 vols. Amsterdam 1663

A rare later Dutch edition of the “Atlas novus” by J. Janssonius fetched 89.250 Euro (incl. premium) and the magnificent Dutch sea atlas by P. Goos “Atlas de la Mer, ou Monde Aquatique” was sold for 65.450 Euro (incl. premium). Equally sought after was the rare and also unique compilation of French nautical charts in the 12-volume “Dépôt Général de la Marine” (proceeds incl. premium 59.500 Euro).  But not only the atlases achieved top prices, the other departments already called also look back on very good results, some in the five-figure range, including the first edition of A. N. Vaillant’s “Voyage autour du monde” in a decorative copy for 47,600 euros (incl. premium), C. P. Claret de Fleurieu’s “Voyage autour du monde” in a rare copy of the luxury variant in 4to format brought 29.750 Euro (incl. buyer’s premium) and a copy of J. de Acosta’s “America, oder wie mans zu Teutsch nennet die Neuwe Welt” with an extremely rare map of the Pacific was knocked down to a new owner for 23.800 Euro (incl. buyer’s premium).

C. P. Claret de Fleurieu. Voyage autour du monde

Reiss & Sohn is looking forward to many more exciting bidding battles on today’s last auction day. The results and post-sale lists will be published promptly on our website for interested customers.