Auction Sales 190-192

Post sale closed. – Spring auctions 2019, consignment offers welcome. Deadline end of february 2019.

Auction Sale 190, October 30-31, 2018

Rare Books · Manuscripts From the Middle Ages to Modern Times

Including: 48 manuscripts, among others a collection of early avvisi (handwritten newsletters) relating to Lepanto; botanical and zoological rarities, including original drawings and manuscripts from an old private collection; fine horse books etc. (approx. 1300 lots)

Auction Sale 191, October 31, 2018

Special Auction: Economics and Political Science · An Important Private Collection

Including: first editions of Auspitz/Lieben, Cantillon, Godwin, List, Locke, Malthus, Marx, Ricardo, Schumpeter, Steuart etc. (approx. 400 lots)

Auction Sale 192, Oct. 31 to Nov. 01, 2018

Geography · Travel · Atlases · Photography · Maps · Decorative Prints

Including: 80 atlases, coloured copy of Ortelius’ Theatrum; Camocio, Isole; a fine collection of Italian maps from the Lafreri-School; old private collection of maps of the World and Europe etc. (approx. 1600 lots)