Successful Book Auctions – To Be Continued

Reiss & Sohn, the Königstein/Taunus based book auction house finished an extremely successful spring season. Three anniversary auctions presented in 3 catalogues met with world wide interest. Highest result of the sale was achieved for 2nd edition of Nicolaus Copernicus’ “De revolutionibus orbium coelestium”, Nürnberg 1566. The work marks a turning point towards modern science. After starting at € 130,000 a fierce bidding contest ended with a result of € 261,800. An auction review of the entire sale can be found here. Reiss & Sohn is now ready to accept consignments for the anniversary sales in October 2021.

Anniversary Catalogues online

The auction catalogues for the spring sales 2021 are now online. More then 3100 rare books, manuscripts and maps from the middle-age until modern times at estimate prices between 150 € till 150,000 € are on display. Please login for submitting written bids directly from the webcatalogue or register for online live-bidding (cost-free) via our website. Please inquire about various news means for viewing from home. Reiss & Sohn is wishing you a happy stay online with us.


After a successful auction season 2020 Reiss & Sohn is now looking forward to an exciting new year 2021 which marks the 50th anniversary of the firm as book auction house. Founded in 1971 in the Gutenberg-City of Mayence Reiss & Sohn has since hosted over 200 auctions and is now placed among the leading book auction houses in the world. In the now starting anniversary year Reiss & Sohn is preparing the book auctions for spring season. Consignment offers are welcome as of now.

“lots of things to read” – Book Auctions at Reiss & Sohn

Around 2800 items of rare books, manuscripts and maps form this year’s autumn offer of the book auctions at Reiss & Sohn in Königstein from 27th to 30th October 2020. Two voluminous print catalogues will soon be sent out and the web version of the catalogue is now online and contains around 10,000 photos of the offered objects in addition to the print version. The ranking of estimate prices is led by an extraordinary copy of “Ichtyologie – Histoire naturelle des Poissons” from 1785-97, by Marcus Elieser Bloch dealing with the natural history of fish, for an estimated 70,000 €. Georg Bartisch von Königsbrück founded ophthalmology with his “Ophthalmodouleia (graece). Das ist Augendienst “, from 1583, offered here in a contemporary coloured copy (30,000 €). A remarkable sammelband comprising more than 600 partly coloured copper engraved views from Augsburg’s production of the 18th century, including one of the most extensive ever offered collections of the works from the publishers Kilian and Leopod (after Werner) (30,000 €).

Optics – the Birth of Photography and Motion Pictures

Latest News: Successful Spring Auctions in Time of Corona

A three day auction marathon ended last Thursday, May 7th in Koenigstein at Reiss & Sohn. Strong bidding generated by written orders, telephones and last but not least by countless online live bids made the book auctions at Reiss & Sohn a successful sale event in difficult times. Almost 90% of total estimates could be realized in turnover. Some price highlights include a German edition of the Nuremberg Chronicle (Nuremberg 1493) , selling at 60,000 € hammer (est. 50,000 €), the same work in Latin version from the same year for 42.000 € (30,000 €), a coloured version of Abraham Ortelius’ “Theatrum orbis terrarum” printed in 1594 at 46,000 € (est. 40,000 €) and 30,000 € for the non-euclidean “opus magnum” , the “Tentamen”, published in 1832 by Farkas and Janos Bolyai (15,000 €). In total 3.000 rare and valuable books, manuscripts and maps were on offer. So far 70% of auction lots found new homes, post sale is online until May 22nd. Reiss & Sohn is happy to receive consignment offers for the fall sales in 2020.

Notification regarding postponed auction date spring sale 198-199 at Reiss & Sohn

April 29th. – On the first day of our yesterdayy’s starting spring auction our live bidding system became target of the so-called DDoS phenomenon (distributed denial of services). Our server was flodded with  millions of superfluous  requests and fake requests which caused an overload of our sever and prevent legimite live bidding requests and other legitimate requests to be full-filled. This attack was directed only to the live bidding system, client data were not endangered.

Currently we assume not having been victim of a targeted attack, but just affected by a regionally occurring and temporarily phenomenon. Our existing protective system will be upgraded.

The auction sale 198-199 is postponed to may 5-7 2020 and will be executed with the same schedule originally set. All  existing written bids and all registrations for live bidding as well as all arrangements for telephone bidding will remain as agreed. All customers and consignors have been informed. We are grateful to all customers who reacted with great understanding for the situation and who were in full agreement with the measurements we had undertaken.

We are happy and able to receive further bids and registrations for the auction.