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Rare and valuable Books, Maps, Prints and Manuscripts from the Middle Ages to the Twentieth Century:

Medieval Manuscripts · Miniatures · Incunabula · Early Printing · Fine Bindings · Atlases · Geography and Travel · Photography · Americana · Natural Sciences · Astronomy · Physics · Mathematics · Computer Science · Printing and the Mind of Man · Medicine · Technology · Human Sciences · Economics · Litrature · Sets · Illustrated Books · Artist Books and Fine Press Books · Master Bindings · Modern Art · Old Master Prints · Decorative Prints · Maps and Town Views of the Entire World · Wall Maps · Single Leaf Prints · Globes

We publish Special Catalogues on a regular Basis on:

Rare and Illustrated Books (Fine Printing, Sciences and Natural History, Humanities)

Cartography, Atlases and Maps

to which are regulary added Catalogues of Single Owner Sales or Special Collections. (please inquire)

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