Live Bidding • Guidance

Some Hints for Live Bidding

Technical Requirements
A current browser is required (Mozilla Firefox from version 74, Google Chrome from version 81, Microsoft Edge from version 80, Safari from version 14). Using an older or different browser is at your own responsibility without guarantee. The outdated Microsoft Internet Explorer will not work properly. For a steady auction flow, we recommend an internet connection at 2 Mbit/s or faster.

Register for Live Bidding
Navigate to “live bidding” screen and register for live auction. User with an existing user account on our website have to register for live bidding separately. As a new customer of our website, you automatically create a user account when you register for live bidding. The user account will remain for future auctions. The live bidding registration is only valid for the current auctions and must be repeated for future auctions. Registration and participation in live bidding is free of charge.

Please make shure to treat your personal access data confidential and not give unauthorized access to third persons. We especially recommend not to allow any browser to store passwords or other access data.

The procedure comprises the request for participation in live bidding as well as registration and finally activation by Reiss & Sohn. A copy of a valid identification document may be required to complete the form placing your request which can then be uploaded via a secure link. Additionally we may ask you to provide valid trade references. Please complete registration as early as possible. After registration we will confirm the receipt of your request. If you are approved by us, you will receive an email with the link to the virtual auction room and a bidder number.

Important: When customers complete registration using the login-button () at top of the website, a user account for absentee bids will be created. Live bidding will require a separate registration.

Credit Limit
Upon approval for live bidding you will receive a credit limit. This credit limit is the maximum of all your purchases (hammer prices) during the live bidding. Please contact us, if you wish to change the maximum. Your credit limit and the total amount of your successful bids will be shown in the upper right corner of the live bidding screen.

Live Auction
The virtual auction room will be opened about 30 minutes before auction is starting. Once your account has been activated, you can log in to the virtual auction room at any time during the auction.

If the live bidding screen is not fully displayed or not working properly, please reload the screen by pressing F5-key or restart your browser and login again.

Audio Transmission
There is an audio transmission from the auction room. You have to enable the audio transmission by pressing the speaker icon in the upper right corner ( or ). Please note that the audio signal arrives with delay. The audio transmission may fail or can be shut down. We do not guarantee the quality of transmission of the signal.
Important: Only the screen display is relevant for the bidding process and not the audio transmission.

Please inform yourself about lots you would like to bid on. Write them down with your maximum bid. Lots added to your bookmarks on our website will be marked for you in the scroll bar displayed at the bottom of the live bidding screen.

Bidding Process
Each lot is called up separately. Bidding increments shown on the bid buttons are in EURO. The bidding increments in the system are fixed and can not be altered. Bidding is effected by clicking the large bid button at the bottom right side of the screen. Above the bid button the current ongoing bidding process is shown by “Any more bids?” (green) and “Fair warning!” (yellow). The bid button changes its colour accordingly. At the latest at “Fair warning!” you have to click the bid button to submit your bid. The bidding process above will display “Bid sent” and “Bid accepted” when your bid is accepted. Your bid button changes its colour from “green” to “white with green border” and indicates “for you”. If you have been outbid the bid button changes to “green” again and requests to “Bid”. The next possible bidding increments are shown. The bidding process above the bid button will display the bidding history including any counter bids. Below the large bid button you will find 6 smaller buttons with further bidding steps. By pressing one of these buttons, you can skip bidding steps.

Please note that the above shown “Any more bids?” and “Fair warning!” signs may occur very rapidly. Also the change of colour from “white with green border (for you)” to “green (Bid)” can occur very quickly. Therefore we recommend to submit your bid very timely, when the bid button appears in “green”.

Bidding Increments
Here you will find an overview of the bidding increments.

Lot being knocked down to you
When a lot is knocked down to you this is shown on the screen. At first the bid button is “white with green border” and shows “for you”. When the above shown bidding progress displays the last step “Gone” (red) and the bid button didn’t change, the lot will be knocked down to you. Almost instantly a light-green pop-up window appears which confirms your winning lot and the hammer price. 
The Auctioneer reserves the right to knock down lots as subject to confirmation.

Important: Whilst the light-green pop-up window of confirmation is shown, the next lot may already be loaded in the background. As soon as the red bid button of the new lot changes to green, you may start bidding on the new lot.

Lots being picked up again
If a dispute regarding the acceptance of a bid cannot be resolved immediately, the lot shall be offered again. All live bidders will have to repeat their bidding.

List of lots being knocked down to you
A list of lots being knocked down to you is mailed automatically after auction is finished.

Here you can give live bidding a try without any obligations.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Examples of screen views
New lot called up and released for bidding.
Screen view during the bidding process. My ("for you") bid is currently the highest and will be knocked down to me.
I ("for you") won lot 6 for 200,- EUR. The new lot 7 is already displayed in the background.
Top right:
  • Speaker icon to set the audio transmission
  • Bidder icon (submenu) with display of the credit limit, total hammer price, bidder number and other useful functions
  • marked lots from the bookmarks (watch list)
Das ist ein sehr kurzer Test!


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