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"Asiae nova". J. Hondius




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October 31st, 2018 session starting 5:00 p.m.

"Asiae nova descriptio". Kupferkarte von J. Hondius. Mit 3 Rollwerkskartuschen u. maritimer Staffage. 37,5:50 cm.

"This is an updated map which Hondius Sr. added to his expanded editions of the Mercator's atlas from 1606 onwards. H. made a number of revisions to M's original map: for example, Korea, which did not feature in the M. original, appears here as an island" (S., p. 18). From the French edition 1619. - Uncol. Cleaned and sized, still light spotting at centre. Restoration to split at both ends of centrefold affecting image.

Sweet 20; Walter 24; Tibbetts 61; Al Ankary S. 158; Koeman I, 8000:1B. - Gereinigt u. stabilisiert, mittig noch leicht fleckig. Bugeinriss an beiden Enden bis in die Bildmitte restauriert.

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