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Scaliger, Exotericarum liber

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Cardano, G. - Scaliger, J. C. Exotericarum exercitationum liber XV. De subtilitate, ad Hieronymum Cardanum. Lyon, A. de Harsy Wwe., 1615. (18:11,5 cm). 8 Bll., 897 S., 45 Bll. Alter flex. Prgt., gebräunt, Vorderdeckel mit kl. Läsur, ohne die Schließbänder.

Adams S 579; Durling 4091; Wellcome I, 5806. - Erstmals 1557 erschienen. "As Scaliger made his reputation by an attack on Erasmus, so he confirmed it with a spirited critique of Cardano's 'De subtilitate libri XXI'... The full title of the Exotericarum exercitationum implies that the critique is merely the fifteenth book of Scaliger's philosophical exercises (the first fourteen remained unpublished). Following its target, the work ranges over the whole of natural philosophy ... The Exotericarum exercitationum won a celebrity that survived it's authors dead. Lipsius, Bacon and Leibniz were amaong his later admirers ... Kepler ... read it as a young man" (DSB XII, 135f.)  - Leicht gebräunt u. meist etwas stockfleckig. Holzschnittexlibris mit verschlungenem Monogram AFM u. Devise "Veritas omnia vincit" sowie neueres Exlibris "A. Garrigues DM".

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