Successful auction launch on World Book Day

World Book Day, a holiday for all book lovers, has been celebrated on 23 April for almost 20 years. So it is more than fitting that this year’s spring auctions in Königstein began yesterday on this holiday. Reiss & Sohn was already able to record numerous fantastic results in the morning. Outstanding was the 180% increase in the estimate of a rare 16th century ceremonial book depicting and describing the ceremonies and festivities in Prague and Landshut on the occasion of the awarding of the Order of the Golden Fleece to Emperor Rudolf II, Archdukes Charles and Ernst and several other noblemen (lot 239, P. Zehendtner von Zehendtgrub, Ordenliche Beschreibung mit was stattlichen Ceremonien und Zierlichkeiten…). After a nerve-wracking bidding battle, a written bidder finally prevailed (hammer price 42,000 euros, estimate 15,000 euros).

Two splendidly illuminated Latin and French books of hours for the use of Rome found new owners for 32,000 euros hammer price (estimate 30,000 euros, lot 21) and 21,000 euros hammer price (estimate 20,000 euros, lot 20). A very rare and early manuscript leaf – from the time of Charlemagne, around 800 – in a beautiful, clear handwriting was heavily contested and was finally sold to a lucky bidder on the telephone for 30,000 euros (estimate 10,000 euros).

In the late afternoon, a magnificent and rare collection of natural history works compiled by the parisian publisher Desnos, including plates from some of the most important botanical and ornithological works of the 17th and 18th centuries by Maria Sibylla Merian, Daniel Rabel and J. Jonston, fetched the highest hammer price to date on the opening day at 55,000 euros.

The auctions will continue until tomorrow evening, with a rich selection of old printed works, atlases, maps, city views, etc. Visit us in the hall or take part in the live auction at

Catalogues of the Spring Auctions 2024 now Online

The catalogues of REISS & SOHN’s spring auctions from 23-25 April 2024 are now available online with over 2000 lots. Once again this season, a wide range of rare, valuable and beautiful manuscripts, books, prints and travel photographs will be on offer.

Particularly noteworthy are three lavishly illuminated Latin and French books of hours for the use of Rome (estimates €20,000-30,000), each one unique, as well as the first complete edition of J. W. Weinmann’s “Phytanthoza-Iconographia” in 5 volumes. This is one of the most beautiful and comprehensive plant works of the Baroque period, here in splendid colouring (estimate €70,000).

Also on offer is J. O. Lewis’s “The Aboriginal Port Folio”, an extremely rare and earliest illustrated work with portraits of North American Indians (estimate €70,000); as well as a rare and decorative world map in double heart-shaped projection from the Salamanca-Lafreri Offizin from 1602 (estimate €35,000). In addition to this small selection, there are of course countless other treasures in a wide variety of chapters and price segments – browse for yourself!

Conclusion of Auctions 217 – 218

The autumn auctions of the auction house Reiss & Sohn in Königstein came to an extremely successful end on the third day. There were also some rarities in the field of maps and sea charts, for example a copper engraved map of North America by C. de Jode from 1593 (proceeds 17,850 euros including buyer’s premium), as well as a set of 5 copper maps with a world map and the four continents by A. Ortelius for 10,710 euros (including buyer’s premium).

C. de Jode, Americae pars borealis. 1593 – Detail

A rare large-format wall map of Pomerania, not published in atlases, by A. C. Seutter convinced several live online bidders with its excellent colouring and decorative staffage and was knocked down after several bidding steps for 3094 euros (incl. buyer’s premium).

Second Auction Day again with Top Results

Königstein (Taunus), Germany, November 2023

The second auction day of the large autumn auctions was also concluded with great success. The highlight of catalogue 218, a collection of important atlases comprising about 100 lots, was called yesterday at noon and attracted international audiences to bid in the hall, on the telephone and live on the screens. Particularly noteworthy in this area were the sales of the 12-volume edition of J. Blaeu’s “Le grand atlas”. The magnificently coloured and gold-heighteneded copy with over 580 engraved maps and plates fetched a proud 202,300 euros (incl. buyer’s premium).

J. Blaeu. Le grand atlas, ou cosmographie Blaviane. 12 vols. Amsterdam 1663

A rare later Dutch edition of the “Atlas novus” by J. Janssonius fetched 89.250 Euro (incl. premium) and the magnificent Dutch sea atlas by P. Goos “Atlas de la Mer, ou Monde Aquatique” was sold for 65.450 Euro (incl. premium). Equally sought after was the rare and also unique compilation of French nautical charts in the 12-volume “Dépôt Général de la Marine” (proceeds incl. premium 59.500 Euro).  But not only the atlases achieved top prices, the other departments already called also look back on very good results, some in the five-figure range, including the first edition of A. N. Vaillant’s “Voyage autour du monde” in a decorative copy for 47,600 euros (incl. premium), C. P. Claret de Fleurieu’s “Voyage autour du monde” in a rare copy of the luxury variant in 4to format brought 29.750 Euro (incl. buyer’s premium) and a copy of J. de Acosta’s “America, oder wie mans zu Teutsch nennet die Neuwe Welt” with an extremely rare map of the Pacific was knocked down to a new owner for 23.800 Euro (incl. buyer’s premium).

C. P. Claret de Fleurieu. Voyage autour du monde

Reiss & Sohn is looking forward to many more exciting bidding battles on today’s last auction day. The results and post-sale lists will be published promptly on our website for interested customers.

Autumn auctions in Königstein successfully started

Königstein (Taunus), Germany, October/November 2023

Reiss & Sohn opened this year’s autumn auctions on the first day with great success. The most outstanding price to date of 131,000 euros (incl. buyer’s premium) was achieved after a fierce bidding battle between room, telephone and live online bidders a unique manuscript with 458 watercolours and drawings of the entire animal kingdom of Polynesia, which originate from the scientific research of Charles-Gaëtan Noury (1809-1869).

C. Noury. Histoire naturelle. French manuscript. 6 vols. France, after 1850. With 458 watercolours and 17 pencil drawings – First zoological inventory of Polynesia

An etching “Scholar in his study, called: Faust” by Rembrandt, in an excellent impression in its first state found a new owner for 54,000 euros (including buyer’s premium). For the first edition of the famous “Encyclopédie” by D. Diderot & J. le Rond d’Alembert in a complete copy of 35 volumes, the hammer fell at 36.000 Euro (incl. premium). A richly illuminated Latin book of hours from the 2nd half of the 15th century also changed hands for an impressive 36,000 euros (including buyer’s premium). The auctions will continue until Thursday evening with catalogue 218: On offer are books and prints with a focus on geography, travel, photography, as well as important atlases, maps and decorative printss.

The Catalogues of the Autumn Auctions 2023 now online available

Bids can now be placed on over 2000 lots of rare books, manuscripts and prints via this website.

Collectors of rare atlases can choose from almost 100 lots, including the most expensive lot of the auction, the Cosmographia of Ptolemy dated 1486 with an estimate of 280,000 Euros. Remarkable are another 19 very exquisite atlases with 5-digit estimates. Early economic literature from an important private collection forms another outstanding section of the autumn auctions.

The forgotten manuscript of the navigator and explorer Charles-Gaëtan Noury, which represents the first zoology of Polynesia with more than 450 watercolours and drawings, is unique and has an estimated price of 90,000 Euros.

Collectors and archives can choose from a total offer of over 170 lots to add rare and sought-after travelogues to their holdings, including over 30 lots in a separate chapter on the Americas.

A rich offer of rare maps can also be found at Reiss & Sohn this time. Among the absolute rarest is Antonio Lafreri’s world map of 1565 in double-heart projection (estimated price € 50,000).

The offer can also be studied on request in two richly illustrated printed catalogues

Strong Spring Auctions In Königstein

Königstein/Taunus, May 2023 – Reiss & Sohn opened its spring auctions on 3 May with numerous top results. On the evening of 6 May, around 1,600 lots had found a new owner. The most expensive lot of the auction with a hammer price of € 160,000 (estimate € 70,000) was the six-volume atlas in the geography section in the Dutch edition by the Amsterdam publisher Willem and Johann Blaeu. The magnificent copy, with 100 additional bound maps, was published under the title “Toonneel des Aerdriicx, 1635-1662.”

Right at the beginning of the auction, 99 selected books, manuscripts and incunabula, including an important collection on the theme of death and the dance of death, united in a richly illustrated special catalogue, went under the hammer. Only 13 objects did not find a buyer. The total proceeds amounted to 116% of the total estimated price of the special catalogue.
Particularly noteworthy is the result of € 90,000 (hammer price) for the most magnificent of all floral works, Basilius Besler’s “Hortus Eystettensis” (Eichstätt, ca 1750).
A small surprise was the record bid of € 90,000 (hammer price, estimate € 10,000) for P. L. Moreau de Maupertuis’ “Rélation du Voyage de Laponie” (after 1736). A French manuscript of the original account of Maupertuis’ memorable voyage to Lapland (1736-1737), printed only in abridged form, with corrections in his own hand.

For the atlas by de Wit “Atlas (Maior)”, printed with the sea atlas, published in Amsterdam after 1688, the hammer fell at € 75.000 (€ 40.000). A rare map of Africa printed in several sheets by the Venetian engraver Gastaldi from 1564 fetched the pre-auction estimate € 45.000.

Book Auctions Spring 2023 Catalogues Online

Königstein (Taunus), April 2023. – The spring auctions at Reiss & Sohn will offer a high-quality selection of manuscripts, books and prints in 3 catalogues with a total of more than 2000 lots. The auctions will open with a special catalogue containing 26 selected manuscripts and books from the 15th to the 20th century starting at an estimated price of 10,000 euros. In addition, the special catalogue offers an important collection on the theme of Death and the Dance of Death in books, manuscripts and drawings.

B. Besler. Hortus Eystettensis. 4 parts in 2 vols. Eichstätt c. 1750. With 367 engr. plates – One of the greatest flower books ever produced

At the top of the range, with an estimate of 100,000 euros, is the most magnificent of all printed floral works: Basilius Besler’s “Hortus Eystettensis” depicting the plants of the botanical garden of Eichstätt on 367 beautiful engraved plates.

The famous Nuremberg publisher Anton Koberger is represented with two of his most important printed works. His Ninth German Bible of the incunabulum period, captivates the viewer with the splendour and liveliness of its more than 100 woodcut illustrations, its beautiful typography and print layout. The copy offered by Reiss & Sohn, splendidly hand-coloured at the time it was printed in 1483, is expected to fetch 70,000 Euros.

Death and Dance of Death, 15th-20th century

J. Clichtoveus. De doctrina moriendi. Paris 1521

An important collection on the subject of death and the dance of death with books, manuscripts and drawings will go under the hammer at Reiss & Sohn in Königstein at the beginning of May 2023. Among the almost 80 lots are the first printing of the famous woodcut series of the Basle Dance of Death by Hans Holbein, published in Lyon in 1538 (estimate 12,000 euros), a book of hours manuscript from 1475 with a miniature depicting a skeleton man with 3 arrows sitting on a sarcophagus (estimate 8. 000 euros), to Alfred Döblin’s “Stiftfräulein und der Tod” with the congenial woodcuts by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, his first book illustration work, published in Berlin in 1913 (estimate 2,500 euros). Together with selected works starting at an estimated price of 10,000 euros, this remarkable collection is offered in a special catalogue.

Expensive Toys – Successful October sales 2022

Reiss & Sohn concluded its book, travel and geography auctions in October 2022 with remarkable results. The highest hammer price this time was a Ptolemaic world map in a Roman edition from 1507. With a call of € 12,000, finally € 130,900 was achieved after a lively bidding battle (all hammer prices including 19% surcharge rounded). In second place was the famous Nuremberg Chronicle by Hartmann Schedel from 1493 in a coloured copy (€ 107,100; call € 90,000). A Bible manuscript, a so-called “pocket Bible” from the 13th century with rich illumination fetched € 77,350 (call € 45,000) and a splendid Book of Hours made in Flanders around 1500 also increased to € 77,350 (call € 40,000). The magnificent toy sample book by the Fendler company in Nuremberg rose from € 18,000 to € 40,460. An early cookery book rose from € 8,000 to € 45,220: the famous “Kuchenmaistry” from the year 1500, a work that provided gastronomic accompaniment to the High Middle Ages, was knocked down at € 8,000 for € 45,220 after a lively bidding battle between the auction room, telephone and online bidders. One of the highest increases was again experienced by a map: the contemporary coloured version of the copper engraving map of the world by Gerard de Jode, estimated at € 10,000, which was quite in line with the market, experienced a new auction record with proceeds of € 76,160. Reiss & Sohn just finished an extremely successful auction year 2022 and welcomes consignment offers for the spring sales 2023 (consignment deadline: mid February, valuable items also later)

Auction – The most famous early cookbook

Augsburg, Johann Schönsperger, 31. Dez. 1500

With the Küchenmeisterei, this time a very special gastronomic rarity can be found in the offer of the upcoming autumn auctions from 25-27 October 2022. The first German cookery book addressed to the kitchen masters of noble lords and princely courts and covering all areas of gastronomy, here in an extremely rare edition from 1500. Only 1 incomplete copy in the Gesamtkatalog der Wiegendrucke!


With almost 1900 lots, REISS & SOHN’s autumn auctions 2022 offer a wide-ranging cultural-historical panorama with rare, valuable and beautiful manuscripts, books and prints. The catalogues of the autumn auctions from 25-27 October are now available online providing more than 7000 images.

Biblia latina. Illuminated latin manuscript on vellum, late 13th century
H. Schedel. Liber chronicarum. Nuremberg, A. Koberger, 1493 – Completely colured by hand.
Book of Hours for the in the diocese of Quimper. Northern France, c. 1380

Particularly noteworthy are a 13th century Bible manuscript (estimate 50,000 €), four magnificent books of hours from the 14th-16th centuries (estimates 20,000-50,000 €), a 13th century Latin Psalter (40,000 €), a coloured copy of Schedel’s Liber chronicarum (120,000 €), interesting autographs of renowned natural scientists, important literary works of the Baroque and Classical periods, the fan-shaped world map by Johannes Ruysch (20,000 €), a heart-shaped world map by Gerard de Jode (10,000 €) and many other precious items. From now on you can browse, search specifically with the full text search and place your bids with your user account. We hope you enjoy discovering it.

Scarce World Map by Johannes Ruysch. Rome, 1507/1508

Marx and Engels “Communist Manifesto” sold at record price

At the spring auction 2022 Reiss & Sohn sold he first printing of the “Communist Manifesto” by Marx and Engels for a stunning amount of 360.000 Euro (incl. rounded buyer’s premium). 

A 13th century illuminated bible manuscript from France with an interesting provenance fetched 142.800,- Euro (incl. buyer’s premium). Worth mentioning was a knockdown for an illuminated Latin and French book of hours, probably from the surroundings of Metz, made ca. 1320-1340, for 119.000 Euro (incl. buyer’s premium).

Leibniz’s earliest work on combinatorics, the “Dissertatio de arte combinatoria” (EA.) achieved around 53.600 euros (incl. buyer’s premium, estimate 10.000 euros).

Catalogues Spring 2022 now Online

Paul Claudel, L’homme et son desir. Poème plastique. 1917 – Est. € 10,000

Book auction house Reiss & Sohn went online with most recent auction offer of over 2200 lots of manuscripts, rare books and maps, Ranging from the 13th up to the 20th centuries including various books of hours, a 13th century bible, a fine selection of illustrated incunabula, ca. 200 works from the 16th as well as a fine collection of 20th literature and illustrated books.

German Auction Record 2021 for a printed Book

The anniversary year 2021 proved successful for the Königstein/Taunus based book auction house Reiss & Sohn. Since the foundation in 1971 the firm hold over 200 prestigious auction sales devoted to antiquarian books. After the spring season 2021 already saw with 260.000 Euros a record price for Copernicus’ “De revolutionibus orbium coelestium” , the fall sale outscored by far this stunning figure with a result of 1 Million Euros for the “Rudimentum novitiorum” printed in 1475. This result equally marks the most expensive auction price for a printed book in 2021 at a German auction sale. Besides the 2021 Reiss & Sohn book offer was impressively laid out in 7 richly illustrated catalogues. The auctions saw amongst others over 1.000 lots selling in the four- to seven figure price range, making again the city of Königstein to one of “the places to be” for book lovers and bibliophiles also in the coming year 2022. Reiss & Sohn is looking forward to auction consignments for the spring season.

1 Million for “Rudimentum Novitiorum”

The second part of the jubilee book auctions under the motto “1971-2021, 50 years of REISS & SOHN auctions” closed successfully on October 29th. The most expensive piece of the auction, the important universal chronicle “Rudimentum novitiorum”, from the year 1475 in an illuminated copy, reached a total of 1.000.000 € (all prices incl. buyer’s premium). The masterpiece of geometrical book illustration by Lorenz Stöer, his “Geometria et Perspectiva”, printed in Augsburg in 1567 went for 65.450,- € to a private collector. Thus only the 40 items in the special catalogue, of which 32 were sold, realised over 1.5 Mio €.

This important auction event was followed by the sale of 3000 lots in a 4 day sale marathon with numerous further hightlights. The results for the three editions of the Biblia graeca-latina by Erasmus of Rotterdam were a pleasant surprise.

Continue reading “1 Million for “Rudimentum Novitiorum””

Autumn Sale Catalogues 2021 online

The catalogues of the autumn book auctions in the Reiss & Sohn jubilee year are now online. The auction house, which was founded in 1971 in the Gutenberg city of Mainz, offers around 3,000 rare books, manuscripts, atlases and maps as well as graphic art and photography. Collectors can look forward to many scientific highlights such as the first printing of Galileo Galilei’s famous “Dialogo” from 1632 (estimated price 100,000 Euros). The most expensive and certainly most spectacular piece is the important universal chronicle “Rudimentum novitiorum”, from 1475 in an illuminated copy (1,2 million Euros estimate). Another very rare work offered is Lorenz Stöer’s “Geometria et Perspectiva”, a most beautiful masterpiece of book illustration, printed in Augsburg in 1567 (50,000 Euros estimate). In addition to the otherwise rich offerings some special collections on national economics, on philosophy and on the Reformation, as well as a remarkable series of 60 atlases are forming focal points of the auction event, which runs over 4 days.

Rudimentum novitiorum. Lübeck 1475
Rudimentum novitiorum. Lübeck 1475

Successful Book Auctions – To Be Continued

Reiss & Sohn, the Königstein/Taunus based book auction house finished an extremely successful spring season. Three anniversary auctions presented in 3 catalogues met with world wide interest. Highest result of the sale was achieved for 2nd edition of Nicolaus Copernicus’ “De revolutionibus orbium coelestium”, Nürnberg 1566. The work marks a turning point towards modern science. After starting at € 130,000 a fierce bidding contest ended with a result of € 261,800. An auction review of the entire sale can be found here. Reiss & Sohn is now ready to accept consignments for the anniversary sales in October 2021.

Anniversary Catalogues online

The auction catalogues for the spring sales 2021 are now online. More then 3100 rare books, manuscripts and maps from the middle-age until modern times at estimate prices between 150 € till 150,000 € are on display. Please login for submitting written bids directly from the webcatalogue or register for online live-bidding (cost-free) via our website. Please inquire about various news means for viewing from home. Reiss & Sohn is wishing you a happy stay online with us.


After a successful auction season 2020 Reiss & Sohn is now looking forward to an exciting new year 2021 which marks the 50th anniversary of the firm as book auction house. Founded in 1971 in the Gutenberg-City of Mayence Reiss & Sohn has since hosted over 200 auctions and is now placed among the leading book auction houses in the world. In the now starting anniversary year Reiss & Sohn is preparing the book auctions for spring season. Consignment offers are welcome as of now.

“lots of things to read” – Book Auctions at Reiss & Sohn

Around 2800 items of rare books, manuscripts and maps form this year’s autumn offer of the book auctions at Reiss & Sohn in Königstein from 27th to 30th October 2020. Two voluminous print catalogues will soon be sent out and the web version of the catalogue is now online and contains around 10,000 photos of the offered objects in addition to the print version. The ranking of estimate prices is led by an extraordinary copy of “Ichtyologie – Histoire naturelle des Poissons” from 1785-97, by Marcus Elieser Bloch dealing with the natural history of fish, for an estimated 70,000 €. Georg Bartisch von Königsbrück founded ophthalmology with his “Ophthalmodouleia (graece). Das ist Augendienst “, from 1583, offered here in a contemporary coloured copy (30,000 €). A remarkable sammelband comprising more than 600 partly coloured copper engraved views from Augsburg’s production of the 18th century, including one of the most extensive ever offered collections of the works from the publishers Kilian and Leopod (after Werner) (30,000 €).

Optics – the Birth of Photography and Motion Pictures

Latest News: Successful Spring Auctions in Time of Corona

A three day auction marathon ended last Thursday, May 7th in Koenigstein at Reiss & Sohn. Strong bidding generated by written orders, telephones and last but not least by countless online live bids made the book auctions at Reiss & Sohn a successful sale event in difficult times. Almost 90% of total estimates could be realized in turnover. Some price highlights include a German edition of the Nuremberg Chronicle (Nuremberg 1493) , selling at 60,000 € hammer (est. 50,000 €), the same work in Latin version from the same year for 42.000 € (30,000 €), a coloured version of Abraham Ortelius’ “Theatrum orbis terrarum” printed in 1594 at 46,000 € (est. 40,000 €) and 30,000 € for the non-euclidean “opus magnum” , the “Tentamen”, published in 1832 by Farkas and Janos Bolyai (15,000 €). In total 3.000 rare and valuable books, manuscripts and maps were on offer. So far 70% of auction lots found new homes, post sale is online until May 22nd. Reiss & Sohn is happy to receive consignment offers for the fall sales in 2020.

Notification regarding postponed auction date spring sale 198-199 at Reiss & Sohn

April 29th. – On the first day of our yesterdayy’s starting spring auction our live bidding system became target of the so-called DDoS phenomenon (distributed denial of services). Our server was flodded with  millions of superfluous  requests and fake requests which caused an overload of our sever and prevent legimite live bidding requests and other legitimate requests to be full-filled. This attack was directed only to the live bidding system, client data were not endangered.

Currently we assume not having been victim of a targeted attack, but just affected by a regionally occurring and temporarily phenomenon. Our existing protective system will be upgraded.

The auction sale 198-199 is postponed to may 5-7 2020 and will be executed with the same schedule originally set. All  existing written bids and all registrations for live bidding as well as all arrangements for telephone bidding will remain as agreed. All customers and consignors have been informed. We are grateful to all customers who reacted with great understanding for the situation and who were in full agreement with the measurements we had undertaken.

We are happy and able to receive further bids and registrations for the auction.

Sebastian Muenster – A Bestseller in Luther’s Time

From a collection of works by Sebastian Muenster

A fine collection of early editions of works by Sebastian Muenster is coming up for auction at Reiss & Sohn from april 28.-30th 2020. It includes amongst others some of his eminent founding works in Hebrew studies, as well as 4 different editions of the famous ‚Cosmographia‘. – Besides this little spotlight the Reiss & Sohn sale features a wide array of 3000 bibliophile rarites, manuscripts, travel books, atlases and maps.

Spring auction catalogues 198-199 are online now !

A classical book offer: medieval books of hours, incunabula and early printing, science and mathematics, rare travel books, atlases and maps and many other desirable antiquarian items will be called for auction at the book auction house Reiss & Sohn in Koenigstein from April 28-30th 2020. A total of 3000 lots is on display, richly illustrated in the web catalogue. Have fun with browsing our catalogues !

Invaluable: Nuremberg Chronicle at Auction

Nuremberg Chronicle (Detail)

One of the most celebrated collector’s items for book-lovers, the famous so-called “Nuremberg Chronicle” is on offer in the book auctions in spring 2020 at Reiss & Sohn. The work is named after it’s author the Nuremberg humanist Hartmann Schedel and was published in a Latin and a German edition in 1493. It is illustrated with almost 2000 woodcuts which are presumed to be produced with the collaboration of the young Albrecht Durer. The woodcuts depict amongst others some of the first realistic town views. The text is a rich source to contemporary history and knowledge mixed with some curious information as for instance an account of the discovery of America prior Christopher Columbus by the Nuremberg inventor Martin Behaim. The auctionhouse Reiss & Sohn is now accepting consignments for their upcoming spring auctions. Vendors are invited to get in touch with Reiss & Sohn. Cosignment offers are welcome.

1459 Durandus fetched € 413,000

On October 31st the book auction house Reiss & Sohn in Königstein/Taunus finished the annual fall sales with great success including some spectacular prices. The range of printed books on offer went from a publication date in the 15th century till early 20th century. 2700 lots were on offer. Highest result was achieved for the first edition of William Durand’s (Duranti) “Rationale divinorum”, printed in 1459 in Mainz. The total sale price after commencing with 250.000 calling price ended after fierce bidding at the amount of € 413.000 (including 18% buyer’s premium). A coloured copy of the famous Nuremberg chronicle sold for € 224,000 (Est. 100,000). A coloured copy of the first edition of the herbal by Leonhard Fuchs, published under the title “De historia Stirpium” in 1542 reached a total of € 106,200. Most important map wasa coloured copy of a rare state of the famous “Leo Belgicus”-Map, which found it’s new home at a total of € 64,900. The next auctions will take place in April 28th-30th 2020. Reiss & Sohn is looking forward to receiving consignment offers.

Fall Auctions 2019 Now Online

(Gautier d’Agoty, J. F.). Observations sur l’histoire naturelle.18 parts in 6 Vols. Paris 1752-1756.

In the forthcoming auction series, which is taking place on October 29th-31st, the Königstein (near Frankfurt/Main) based auction house Reiss & Sohn is offering roughly 2700 lots of rare and valuable antiquarian books, manuscripts, atlases and maps in three catalogues. The most expensive item of the sale is William Durand’s “Rationale divinorum” printed in Mainz in 1459 by Fust & Schoeffer, the successors of Gutenberg who shortly before took over the inventor’s printing office (Estimate € 280,000). This work is the fourth ever printed book, only preceeded by the Gutenberg Bible itself in 1455 and the two editions of the Psalters printed in the same printing house in 1457 and 1459. Some other rarities from the time of the craddle of printing are included in the same sale: a coloured copy of the Nuremberg chronicle (€ 100,000), a coloured copy of the first illustrated bible


Prepare for Summit Push with Reiss & Sohn ! – Invitation to consign

Special auction “Exploration and Mountaineering”

The specialised book auction-house Reiss & Sohn will hold 3 day auctions in October 2019 and invites for consignments. The series of 3 sales will feature amongst others a fine coloured copy of the first edition of Leonard Fuchs’ famous herbal, a fine coloured copy of Koberger’s German bible of 1483 as well as a number of important incunabula, books of hours and coloured atlases. Also on offer is an interesting collection of early photography from the 1850ies till 1870ies. Fine and rare books and maps can still be consigned to this sale upon request. Please visit our page for up-dates.

Biblia Germanica, 2 vols. Koberger 1483

Your Rare Book Treasures – Consign now !

The auction house Reiss & Sohn in Königstein/Taunus announces the forthcoming auction sales for October 29th-31st 2019 and herewith invites to consign. Catalogues will be released on the special subjects “Rare Books and Manuscripts” and “Geography, Travel, Atlases, Maps and Photography” to which may be added extra catalogues on special topics. Reiss & Sohn’s catalogues always include a particularly large selection of attractive and high quality rare objects. Thus your auction consignment will always be surrounded by other attractive items which create an exceptional selling atmosphere. Kindly get in touch with us, if you wish to take this great oportunity to sell your books or maps.

Observing Stars and Comets – Review Spring Auctions 2019

With a stunning 85% sales in total-estimate value the auction house Reiss & Sohn is looking back at a successful spring auction season. 3000 fine and valuable books and maps came for sale, most of them found a new home. The first and only edition of Johann Hevelius’ “Cometographia” sold for 35.000 €. Three different editions of the classic world atlas by Abraham Ortelius sold at hammer prices between 20.000 and 35.000 €. Amongst the 200 lots of Lafreri-maps an inconspicuously small view of Boulogne-sur-mer became large in price by being raised with some keen bidding from 500 € to 7.000 €. The Cimerlino-Finé world map fetched 34.000 €. – Since 1971 Reiss & Sohn is your specialized book auction house. We look forward to your consignment offers for our autumn sales.


The catalogues of Reiss & Sohn’s spring auctions taking place from May 6th to 8th, 2019 are now available online. About 3000 lots of rare and valuable books, autographs, manuscripts, early travel photographs, maps, views and decorative prints are beeing offered.

G. Mercator. Atlas … de fabrica mundi et fabricati figura. Amsterdam 1632

Several consignments from private collections contribute to the attractiveness, including rare Italian books from the 16th century,  a collection of books on architecture, a private library of books on Greece, mostly illustrated, as well as rare maps by early Italian cartographers from the Lafreri School. In addition, there is a series of rare handwritten ‘newspapers’ from the 16th century about various subjects.

Genoa. Scarce bird’s-eye view by M. Cartaro. Rome 1581

The section on geography encloses a large number of works on Pacific exploration, especially on the journeys of James Cook and his contemporaries, as well as important world maps.

Added value with Marx: 60.000,- € hammer for “The capital”

This year’s fall auctions at auction house Reiss & Sohn yielded sensational top prices. Thomas Malthus’ Essay on the principle of population from 1798 together with the Hortus Eystettensis by Basilius Besler ranked first with a hammer price of 80,000 euro each.
The second place with 65,000 Euros went to a Continue reading “Added value with Marx: 60.000,- € hammer for “The capital””

Fall Auctions 2018 – Catalogues Now Online

The new auction catalogues for auctioneers Reiss & Sohn’s Fall Sales, which will take place October 30th to November 1st, 2018, are now online. About 3300 rare and valuable books, autographs, manuscripts, early travel photographies, maps, views, and prints are offered for sale.

At the focus of the auctions will be a significant collection of about 400 works of economic theory from the 16th to the 20th century, including first editions of works by Cantillon, Hobbes, Keynes, Locke, Malthus, Marx, Owen, Ricardo, Schumpeter, Smith, Walras etc.

Browse the web catalogue. Reiss & Sohn is looking forward to to your inquiries

Printed catalogues are available on request (charges apply).

The First European Gardening Book

Walahfrid Strabo (808-849), Abbot of the Abbey of Reichenau at the Lake of Constance, wrote a famous didactic poem, which became the founding work of medieval monastic horticulture. The so called “Hortulus” is the first book of gardening literature in Europe and one of the most important botanical books. A copy of the first illustrated edition printed in Nuremberg in 1512 now features in the fall auctions of Reiss & Sohn in Königstein/Taunus. Full catalogues with many more rare items will be published shortly.

200 Years Karl Marx

2018 is the year of Karl Marx’ 200th birthday.  At this occasion Reiss & Sohn is offering the first edition of Marx’ magnum opus. “Under the guise of a critical analysis of capital, Karl Marx’s work is principally a polemic against capitalists and the capitalist mode of production, and it is this polemical tone which is its chief charm” (PMM). This work is one of the most important books in political economy. It will be offered in the fall auctions.

Spring Auctions 2018 Catalogues online

M. Martini. Atlas Novus Sinensis. 1655 Estimate 15.000 €

Great antiquarian items have come online.  Check Reiss & Sohn recent auction catalogues with almost 3000 lots of rare books (including some fine incunabula, rare botanical and zoological works, treasures of German literature and Philosophy, a stunning collection of books and maps on Malta, almost 100 atlases) to be followed by almost 1000 lots of rare maps from all parts of the worlds. Browse the newly designed website. Reiss & Sohn is looking forward to to your inquiries. Online catalogue.

Parrots, Parrots, Parrots

Francois Levaillant. Histoire naturelle des perroquets. 2 volumes.  Paris, Levrault frères bzw. Levrault 1801-05. Imperial Folio. (56,5:43 cm). With 145 magnificent colour printed plates touched up by Langlois after Jacques Barrabend. – One of the greatest books on parrots ever published. Coming up at auction on May 15th 2018 at Reiss & Sohn in Königstein.

Post Sale is online

Until December 1, 2017 you may purchase unsold lots from the preceding auctions at a fixed bid price (premium and VAT to be added). Using the Post Sale menue offers the opportunity to create a list of bookmarks and submit post sale bids after simple registration.

Preview of the Fall Auction 2017

Landmarks in the History of Natural Sience
The section devoted to natural history features many astronomical works from Sacrobosco to Newton, from a private collection, largely assembled in the 1970ies. Undoubtedly outstanding are the 6 works by Galilei and 9 works by Kepler, first of all Keplers “Harmonices mundi libri V” (first edition, Linz 1619) with his breakthrough discovery Continue reading “Preview of the Fall Auction 2017”

Fall Auction Catalogues Soon Online

The online catalogues for this year’s fall auctions of Koenigstein’s auctioneers Reiss & Sohn are now in preparation and will soon be online. The viewing hours and the auction schedule can already be found under ‘Auctions’ or ‘Preview’.

The First Account of Captain Cook’s Death Sold for Almost $ 170,000

This year’s spring sales by German auctioneers Reiss & Sohn, located in Koenigstein/Taunus, turned in some exceptional prices. Baron Nikolaus von Jacquin’s magnificent work ‘Plantarum rariorum Horti caesarei Schoenbrunnensis descriptiones et icones’, published 1797-1804, was sold for Euro 150.800 (approx. US $ 200.000) incl. buyer’s premium. Continue reading “The First Account of Captain Cook’s Death Sold for Almost $ 170,000”

“Birds of Australia” sold for € 255,000 – Highlight of an auction sale in Germany

A unique copy of John Gould’s “Birds of Australia”, printed 1840-­1869 in London and containing two additional plates so far unknown to all bibliographers, has been sold for Euro 255,000 (approx. US $ 320,000) incl. buyer’s premium in an auction sale by Reiss & Sohn in Königstein, Germany. Continue reading ““Birds of Australia” sold for € 255,000 – Highlight of an auction sale in Germany”

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