Selling at the Auction (Consign to Auction)

Consignment offers from our special areas are welcome at any time. Our extensive auctions take place at regular intervals. During the transparent procedure of the auction, the selling price is formed by our national and international customers in direct bidding competition. Our auctions are usually spread out over several days and include an extensive choice of antiquarian material.

Please note that due to processing times, the deadline for the consignment of your objects can be more than 2 months before the auction date. If you wish to sell at a particular auction date, we request you to contact us in a timely manner.

What to do

At first, we will ask you to contact us by phone or in writing. We will first need information on the objects offered by you for sale. Lists containing the author, artist, title, year or pictures with a high information value are welcome. We kindly ask for visits by appointment only.

In addition, we are happy to work out an appointment for a visit at your location.

After investigating the objects, we will determine an estimated price which will be printed in the auction catalogue and a minimum price below which no bidding at the auction will take place, or will only take place after agreement.

Conditions for Submission/Consignment

To present you with a quote which is as attractive for you as possible, we will in general negotiate the conditions for the sale with you directly. A written contract will lay down the sales fees and the insurance cover of the objects you submitted with us. Invoicing takes place 5 weeks after the auction.

Objects not requested by us or unsuitable will be sent back to you at your costs.

Direct Sale – Private Treaty

If you are interested in direct sale or sales transaction without following the route via the auction, we will gladly present you with a quote.

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