Written Absentee Bids – Guidance

You can send written order bids directly from our
web catalogue or download a bidding form which you can fill out and send to us by fax.

Submitting absentee order bids through the web catalogue – Navigate to detail view of a lot. You have two options of which each is guided via simple navigation. You either create a list of bookmarks from which you can edit and transfer to the bid sheet or you add single lots directly to the bid sheet. Please make sure to submit your bids in time as they need to be processed by our staff.

Login and setting up a user account () If you set up a user account (under “Login”) you receive a password by which you can login from any device and save and edit your bookmarks or bid sheet and prepare your bids for submission.

Bookmarks () Even without login you can add lots to your list of bookmarks. In this list you can review the lots, edit your bids and add them to your bid sheet. If you create a simple user account (under “Login”) your bookmarks will be saved automatically for your use on any device.

Bid sheet () Without login you can add lots to your bid sheet directly from the catalogue. You will have to complete the form with address and instructions for shipment when submitting your bids.

Final steps for submitting absentee order bids from the web catalogue. To send your bids out of the bid sheet you have to be logged in with your user account. Completing your data is is required adding your postal address and instructions for shipment and insurance. Receipt of bids will be confirmed by mail. Please retain the receipt. After the auction you will receive automatically information about successful bids. Your bidding history  can also be consulted under “My submitted absentee bids”.

My submitted absentee bids. Here you can view your bids already submitted for the current auction. Only the written bids submitted from the webcatalogue are displayed. You find this under “auction”.

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